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Exactly what's the status of Pennsylvania's medical

On April 17, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf signed a medical marijuana expense into law, enabling patients with among 17 certifying conditions to access the drug in pill, oil or ointment kind. The law worked after 30 days, and it's now been more than a month since it was signed.

So what's the status of the law, as far as the timeline and difficulties of application? Here's a roundup of stories about where Pennsylvania's medical marijuana law presently stands:

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Ravens Gamer Desires NFL to Enable Medical Marijuana

One Ravens gamer is making headlines across the country with a strong push to alter the NFL’s drug policy. Eugene Monroe is pleading his case for using medical marijuana delivery cannabis. The star lineman believes it needs to be an option for gamers to deal with injuries.

Rick Ritter has more on Monroe’s efforts that not everybody is on board with.

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Racine couple's story illustrates argument

The land where Tom and Darlene Poor live has been handed down in Tom’s family since before the Civil War. Relative, who live like a community, keep cabins together and grow vegetables in a shared garden.

Their place is peaceful, the lone exception this day being the Poors' pet, Alex, splashing in and out of the creek behind their home.

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